Self Reliance

Sewa Bharati kindles new hopes of life for Shanthi, Kalarani & Anitha

Financial assistance for the sick persons, accident victims, victims of calamities like fire accidents, have become a normal routine for the SHGs...

SHG women in Tamil Nadu execute a noble idea

In a Vanvasi village - Kodithuraimalai, SHG women resolved to execute a noble idea. After every weekly meeting all the members gathered to work in the farm of one of the members without any payment. ..

Empowering rural women in Tamil Nadu

Sewa Bharti Tamil Nadu needs to be congratulated for implementing innovative projects to uplift and empower the rural womenfolk through Self-Help Groups (SHGs)...

Delhi sewing center enables them to make respectable living

Sewing centre at Kabir Nagar has come a long way in enabling the poor women to eke out a respectable living for them and families...

JANABHARATI proves ‘Indian breed cow, need of now’

Janabharati Nyas suggested to nurture at least one Indian breed cow at each house in the village that entirely transformed the face of this region...

Satkarma Shraddhashraya, Panvel

tkarma Shraddhashraya, located in Raigad district of Maharashtra has made vanavasi brethren realize their potential by initiating various welfare activities for the uplift of these brethren...

Pragati Bahuddeshiya Sanstha, Melghat

Vanavasis who earlier used to struggle a lot for two-time meals are now living a life filled with self-reliance due to the Herculean efforts of Pragati Sanstha. ..

Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan expands horizon of women’s education

Indian women of 21st century should run with time, Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan (BNP) in Maharashtra’s Pune region has initiated various programmes for the upliftment of women belonging to the underprivileged and economically backward sections of society...

Dumariya (Jharkhand) marches towards self reliance

Seeds of development sown by Vanavasi Kalyan Kendra in Sahibganj district’s Pakhudiya region by establishing women self help groups show the result. At present, 22 women self-help groups are successfully operating in the Pakhudiya region inhabited by Sant..

Charak Patthali; an ideal example of women empowerment

Vanavasi Kalyan Kendra has sown the seeds of development with the active co-operation of illiterate women from the region. The results are now visible as the percentage of literacy has increased among women and children...

Harinachhapar (Jharkhand) marches towards goal of devpt

An Ekal Vidyalaya was opened in Harinachhapar village in the year 1994. In 2005, the village was selected for Gram Vikas Project and thus the journey began towards the goal of development...

Chalho village; self reliance through mutual co-operation

Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, Jharkhand promoted a spirit of development through mutual co-operation among the tribals of Chalho village that certainly elevated their standard of living. ..

Bharat Vikas Parishad’s Vanavasi Sahayata Yojana

Bharat Vikas Parishad, through its Vanavasi Sahayata Yojana, is striving hard for to improve living standard of these vanvasi by providing them necessary facilities such as healthcare, drinking water, education, etc. ..

Bharat Vikas Parishad’s Viklang Sahayata Kendra

In order to enable the handicapped persons for fully participating in social and national life of the country, Bharat Vikas Parishad is working since 11 years for the upliftment of differently-abled...

Hedgewar Seva Samiti transforms the agri-face of region

Dr Hedgewar Seva Samiti, Nandurbar utilizes the traditional knowledge of tribals for village development and imparts them knowledge regarding the modern innovative techniques of farming so as to make them self reliant...

Shabari Seva Samiti realizes them meaning of Independence

The people engaged in agricultural work are still living in deprived condition and the condition is worse in tribal belts where the basic facilities are at bay. The condition of women in these regions is the worst. Shabari Seva Samiti decided to bring the..

Dharamitra: towards cause of sustainable rural devpt

Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region that is totally dependent upon rain water for irrigation is now becoming self-sufficient in agriculture due to the innovative and eco-friendly methods adopted by 'Dharamitra'. ..

Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra, Lawada

In order to make baamboo artisans acquire a respectable place in the society and create abundant employment opportunities for the upliftment of rural masses across India, social workers Sunil & Nirupama Deshpande laid the foundation for Sampoorna Bamboo K..

'Udyogvardhini' discovering entrepreneurship talent among women

Udyogvardhini has become a new hope for women in Solapur and is the only women's team efficient enough to extend all possible help required by any individual. Till date several domestic and other complicated issues have been addressed by Udyogvardhini, th..

MBUP imparts self respect to rural women

Rural women is still deprived of basic facilities such as education, health, employment, etc. with the strong grip of superstitions, dowry and several such evils. To overcome this problem, Mata Balak Utkarsha Pratishthan started its ..

Sheti Pariwar Kalyan Sanstha, Sangli

As the traditional ways of goat and sheep rearing are not much liked by new generation, the capable village youths are opting for occupation other than agriculture. Now Sheti Pariwar Kalyan Sanstha has entirely changed the definition of livestock rearing ..

A sigh of relief to garbage lifters by 'Janadhar'

On one hand, the disposal of garbage is a major problem while on the other hand, imparting the life filled with self respect to garbage lifters is a serious challenge. Janadhar foundation has developed a system to resolve both the issues. ..

Innovative paddy farming method by 'Janseva'

To impart information regarding new techniques in paddy farming, Janaseva Foundation vowed to provide them a four-fold training. Farmers who opted for four-fold method had an exponential rise in their paddy yield. ..

Ahilya Mahila Mandal empowering women

Ahilya Mahila Mandal was established in 1997 with a view to provide self employment to women so as to make them self sufficient. ..

Dr Hedgewar Seva Samiti overcomes malnutrition problem

Dr Hedgewar Seva Samiti gave a serious consideration to the problem of malnutrition and decided to uproot the problem completely from the tribal belt. The samiti found that strengthening the livelihood is the only solution to the problem and initiated eff..

Pragati Pratishthan transforms the face of agriculture at Jawhar

The hilly terrain of Jawhar, that was once deprived of basic facilities has now become self-sufficient in agricultural produce because of the innovative and disciplined farming methods implemented under the guidance of Pragati Pratishthan. ..

DRI Chitrakoot vows to make India ‘agri superpower’

Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) is engaged in the noble work of changing the face of rural India, based on the principles of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya's Integral Humanism. The self-reliance campaign that was launched in 2002 covers 500 villages around Chi..

Dhagevadi sets an example of self-employment

The village, where not even the yearly requirement of the food grains was fulfilled, has now become self-sufficient because of the herculean efforts of a youth named Bhaskar Pardhi. Bhaskar is a karyakarta of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram...

Deendayal Shetkari Vikas Prakalp for farmers’ cause

Deendayal Bahuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal has come to the rescue of the families of the farmers who committed suicide and put a step forward in order to work for their welfare...

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