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My experience of Bharat

Recently Purvanchal Kalyan Ashram in Kolkata organised an education camp to its hostel in Mallarpur, Birbhum Dist. The team of 6 volunteers spent their time interacting with the resident children. Krittika participating for the first time shares her experience...

A ‘Marathi’ teacher of Majuli island, Assam

Ravindranath Devendranath Savdekar belongs to Chandwad in Nasik district. He was appointed as Principal of the school to be opened at Majuli island...

Sewa Bharati moulds Pushpa’s life for better

Sewa Bharati’s Sanskar and Swavlamban Kendras provide proper guidance in Pushpa's pursuit of job and education both...

Gurukul helps Varun complete IIT education

Two persons from Bhagalpur Gurukul Shiksha Sansthan visited Varun's father and said : Sansthan would provide him free education...

Basic policies of Service Activities

As the patient fights with his soul power with the internal weakness and outer viruses, so as our society would be able to fight with all social perversions on the basis of our internal strength ushering in an era of social health and lasting strength...

What has happened to Bharat?

The progress made by any nation is the very result of the human resource developed by the educational field of that respective nation. Any language becomes the medium for education. If the medium is easy to understand, a difficult subject taught through that medium also gets simplified; otherwise the entire concentration of a student is laid on understanding the language itself. The link to the subject gets disrupted. Hence the educationists insist that the primary education must be given through ..

What has happened to Bharat?

Something is certainly going wrong somewhere. Will India maintain its identity as Bharat or will it have the same fate as that of Iran and Greece? ..

How should be the youth leadership of India?

Before thinking upon youth leadership, let us pause to ponder upon the question “Who is young?” ..

Blending seva with sanskar: Ansuya ji Khosa

Interview with Ansuya ji Khosa (Project coordinator, Seva Bharati, J&K) ..

Character building makes one extra-ordinary: Shridhar Sagar

Shridhar Sagar talks of the concept of Seva, about the different projects of Hindu Seva Pratishthan...

Seva Bharati takes J&K to new heights of development

Seva Bharati J & K and Himachal prant seva pramukh Jaidev ji gave information about the various projects initiated for the development of the region...

Tasile N Jeliyang reviving Indian way of education in Nagaland

Tasile N Jeliyang, having a passion for working towards joining the northeastern region with the mainstream of Indian development, has now become a propagator of Indian way of life in the entire region...

Phulchand Jain, a one man institution

Phulchand Jain is a unique example of quitting politics for the sake of seva...

Feeling of dedication turns seva into the work of God

(Vishwa Hindu Janakalyan Parishad, Nagpur’s Seva Vibhag runs two ashram schools and one hostel for tribal students with full dedication. Excerpts from the conversation with Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Nagpur office in-charge Shri Baburaoji Raje.) ..

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