Gurukul Ashramshala, Udasa

In order to inculcate values among tribal masses by replacing bad habits and making them self-sufficient through education Vishwa Hindu Jankalyan Parishad laid the foundation for this ashramshala. Another objective behind this project was to bring them into national mainstream...

Seva Vidya Mandir, Dakshinpuri, Delhi

Seva Bharti opened its centre in Dakshinpuri colony with an objective to provide better education and vocational guidance to the people settled here...

Ashram for children of leprosy patients, Gangapur

Datta Bal Sewashram of Gangapur has extended a helping hand to the children of leprosy patients who could not make arrangements for providing them good education and guidance. ..

Kosamdih Chhatravas: A Center of Social Change

Seva Bharti Balak Chhatrawas, Kosamdih which houses 185 students from the surrounding areas-mostly inhabited by Gond janjati, was launched in 2003. ..

Sewa Bharti Hostel for boys at Dabra, Gwalior

Dabra hostel has played an important role in transforming the society. The students have registered a negative trend towards consumption of meat and drinks...

Baiga Balika Chhatravas, Devdara

Seva Bharti Baiga Balika Chhatravas is exclusively set up for the Baiga janjati (tribal) girl students...

Chethana Special School, Karkala for Special Children

In Karkala some socially committed women social activists took the responsibility to start a school for differently able children in order to make them self-reliant and confident...

Janaseva Vidyakendra, Chennanhalli: Serving through education

Janaseva Trust and Charitable Institution was established in 1972 at Chennanhalli near Bangalore, with an avowed mission to serve the society in the field of education...

VKA Dadra-Nagar Haveli bringing out talents of forest-dwellers

VKA started two hostels for vanvasi students coming from remote areas to study at Khanvel and Randha...

Sondara Gurukulam devoted to all-round development of children

Sondara Gurukulam aims at achieving all-round development of students’ personality and through them uplift of the villages to which they belong...

Shantiniketan Chhatrawas: A center of service and sanskars

Sewa Bharati, Himachal Pradesh runs a hostel- Shantiniketan Chhatrawas for poor, destitute and helpless boys where students studying in standard II to X are accommodated...

Torana Rajgad Parisar Samajonnati Nyas, Velhe

Torana Rajgad Parisar Samajonnati Nyas has brought a drastic change in the living conditions of the people residing in the region surrounding Maharashtra’s historic Torana and Rajgad forts...

Disha Chhatrawas, Katra (Jammu)

Disha Chhatrawas run by Sewa Bharati J&K has provided a firm platform to the educational aspirants in state. Here, the arrangement has been made for education, food and residence of the economically b.....

Tejasvini Seva Samiti, Yavatmal

Tejasvini Seva Samiti from Maharashtra’s Yavatmal town is a institution that aims to inculcate sanskars among backward class children while imparting them value-based education. ..

Yashvant Chhatrawas, Chindhi (Mal) Chandrapur

Yashvant Chhatrawas, established in 2010 at Maharashtra’s Chindhi (Mal) village situated on Sindewahi-Navargaon-Chimur route has served as an angel for Pardhi community children whose childhood was ea.....

Mathru Chaya Bal Kalyan Kendra, Hubli

Mathru Chaya Bal Kalyan Kendra has provided shelter to the destitute children in the society and thus filled the voids in their life...

Ekal Vidyalaya Movement, Salekasa

For Vanavasi students, ekal vidyalayas are run free of cost by Vanabandhu Parishad in Salekasa taluka of Gondia district. Students are trained in various aspects such as health, hygiene, village devel.....

Annaji Kulkarni Wachanalaya, Bhandara

Late Annaji Kulkarni Sarvjanik Wachanalaya at Bhandara has served as a boon for the underprivileged students as it provides a variety of competitive exam-based books at a single place so that the stu.....

Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Pune

Vigyan Ashram has struck a perfect balance between education and self-employment that has become the need of the hour. Under some passive circumstances, children get cut off from school life. However,.....

Snehajyoti; a ray of hope for blind

Aashatai Kamat and Pratibhatai Sengupta has brought sunrise in the life of blind children while passing through the evening phase of their life...

Sri Sadasiva Balasadanam brings health awakening in Kerala

In order to extend a helping hand to the unorganized and neglected needy sections of the society, Sadasiva Balasadanam, Choolur, is striving to reach all possible assistance to those who suffer, and t.....

Abhyasika (Kachiguda) comes to the rescue of seva basti students

In a small, congested set up, it becomes very difficult for students to study. Besides this, the students also find it difficult to cope with the noisy environment that is witnessed in the evening in any of the slums found in the country. Seva Bharathi, A..

Ekalavya Ashramam, Mancheryal

Under a single roof of Ekalavya Ashramam, underprivileged children have got a great mental relief that is a must in the educational phase of one’s life. ..

Shree Shankara Charitable Trust, Kerala

To provide shelter to such underprivileged children and save their life from falling into the pit of crime and beggary, Shree Shankara Charitable Trust has initiated a number of welfare projects in the state of Kerala...

Jyothirmayi Balikasadanam Charitable Society, Kerala

In order to empower women so that they can walk shoulder to shoulder with men, Jyothirmayi Balikasadanam Charitable Society has been working in the tribal region of Kerala. ..

Jashoda Sadan; ‘Gokul’ for cyclone-hit children

Jashoda Sadan, Katak has stood for rehabilitating children hit by the devastating cyclone of 2009 that destroyed a number of lives in Orissa...

Swami Agamananda Balasadanam, Urakom

In order to provide food, clothing and shelter to the children wandering in the darkness of orphanhood, Kerala’s Sanjeevan Samithi is running Swami Agamananda Balasadanam where value-based education depicting eternal Indian culture and tradition is provid..

Sanjeevani Samithi’s Urakam Balikasadanam

Sanjeevani Samithi’s Urakam Balikasadanam is providing shelter and quality education based on eternal Indian culture and tradition to the destitute girls...

Dharma Raksha Samithi’s Gokulam Balasadanam

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic necessities of a human being and in a developing country like India, there are still lakhs of people who struggle throughout their life just for the sake of these needs...

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Madhyamik Awaseeya Vidyalaya, Siyarmau

Saraswati Shishu Mandir Madhyamik Awaseeya Vidyalaya, Siyarmau in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh is working with an aim to develop a team of talented youths dedicated towards social development. ..

Rani Durgavati Tribal Girls Hostel, (Gopalpura) Raisen

Rani Durgavati Tribal Hostel is grooming the girl students according to gurukul system of education so that they can serve as a means for social change thereby building a healthy society free from gender discrimination. ..

Vikas Bharti, Jharkhand’s various educational projects

Vikas Bharti, Jharkhand has established various schools for educating tribal brethren and the efforts have now started yielding fruits...

Vikas Bharti vows to eradicate illiteracy from tribal belts

Vikas Bharti proved itself as an organization for social transformation and a friend in need for the downtrodden tribal folk. The idea to provide education, health, livelihood, social harmony, self employment and to promote self reliance became the drivin..

Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad’s innovative education methods

To banish illiteracy from the face of Tribal India and uplift the tribal sections of the society economically and socially, Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad (BLSP) is working since 11 years to transform the face of remote tribal mountainous regions of the coun..

Vikas Bharti Jharkhand for quality education to tribal girls

Vikas Bharti has undertaken a mission to provide quality education to girls belonging to economically backward sections in the tribal regions of Jharkhand...

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Kanya Chhatralay, Harsul

Kanya Chhatralay run by Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Harsul has provided great relief to the girl students belonging to economically backward tribal families. The girls who were deprived of education are now studying hard and have become self-sufficient in ea..

Vanavasi Seva Kendram, Tamilnadu’s Single teacher school

In order to connect the tribal brethren with the mainstream of social development, Vanavasi Seva Kendram, Tamilnadu, affiliated to Akhil Bharatiya Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, is working by burning the midnight oil in the mountainous regions of Karumandurai in..

Vanavasi Seva Kendram's Saraswati Shishu Mandir

Tamilnadu’s Vanavasi Seva Kendram is engaged in the noble work of uplifting tribal brethren residing in the remote mountainous regions of the country since 1980. A number of projects related to health and education have been initiated by this kendra for t..

Vanvasi Vidyarthi Vasatigruh, Ghoti

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Vanvasi Vidyarthi Vasatigruh has fulfilled the residential need of tribal students who cannot afford to opt for a private hostel that is beyond their economic reach...

Pazhassi Balamandiram provides them shelter

Pazhassi Balamandiram has provided shelter to destitute children, deprived of love and affection and has made them lead a life filled with self respect. The orphanage has indeed proved a boon for underprivileged children that would have otherwise shifted ..

'Aata Paatha' revolutionizes school education

For children belonging to economically backward sections of the society, normal childhood activities like messing with paints and colours, sketching with colourful pencils and crayons, playing with modeling clay, creating images on a computer screen, are ..

Punarutthan Samarasta Gurukulam, Pune

Underprivileged children belonging to various backward communities as well as slum dwellers, child labourers and economically weaker sections living in Pune-Chinchwad area are given education according to the Gurukul system that was prevalent in ancient I..

Manav Seva Pratishthan’s Gopali Ashram

The unique feature of Gopali ashram is that its sphere is not just limited to religious activities but it has widened its circumference by undertaking the reformative steps in the fields of education and social service. ..

JJK Gurukulam: Vedic education to under-privileged

JJK Gurukulam is dedicated towards the cause of protecting children of less-privileged and dysfunctional families to give them an opportunity to lead normal lives and it's aim is to promote and preserve the age-old Indian way of life based on Vedic herita..

Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra’s Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya

Vishva Hindu Vidya Kendra’s Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya is imparting education in Tamilnadu since 1975. The school’s thrust is not just upon the mere academic excellence but also on achieving all round development of the personality of the students t..

Hindu Seva Pratishthan’s Samagra Shishu Shiksha Prakalp

Hindu Seva Pratishthan’s Samagra Shishu Shiksha Prakalp has proved that the physical and mental development of a child can be achieved by paying individual attention towards each and every student. ..

Hindu Seva Pratishthan’s Seva Kiran Project

Hindu Seva Pratishthan city has initiated a unique project in which an individual attention is paid towards each and every student for his physical as well as mental growth. ..

Vidyanidhi Trust's school for tsunami hit children

With a sense of compassion towards children belonging to the underprivileged section of the society, Vidyanidhi Trust has initiated a step towards making these children stand on their own feet thereby catalyzing the nation’s development...

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam nurturing ancient Vedic tradition

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam has made an effort to revive the extinguishing tradition of Vedic education so as to preserve our rich and varied heritage of knowledge. ..

Jnanaprabodhini Prashala building intellectual leadership

With the aim of spiritual development for social transformation, Jnanaprabodhini Prashala is grooming students right from the primary level since 50 years. This non-governmental self dependent educational institution founded by Appasaheb Pendse is gifting..

Sree Poornathrayeesha Balasramam, Thripunithura

For the upliftment of destitute children that form a significant section of the Indian society, Sree Poornathrayeesha Balasramam was established in Kerala’s Thripunithura town. The orphanage has not only brought these children under educational roof, but ..

Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Instt helps disabled lead a normal life

Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute for Physically Handicapped has initiated an effort towards making the differently-abled section of society stand on its own feet. ..

Hedgewar Sewa Samiti imparts new definition to education

Dr Hedgewar Sewa Samiti has implemented a system of education that utilizes the traditional knowledge of tribals for village development and equips them with the technical and scientific knowledge of farming thereby making them self reliant...

'Vatsalya VTC' striving for upliftment of women folk from poor strata

Vatsalya Women, Child and Youth Development Centre is (a unit of Paramshaktipeeth) committed towards care and development of underprivileged children, adolescent girls and women, founded by Sadhvi Ritambhara...

SSM, Kerala rekindling Indian approach towards science

Swadeshi Science Movement (SSM), Kerala is a popular science movement with a total commitment towards Swadeshi spirit and approach in science and technology. ..

'Agastya': Sparking Creativity in Rural India

Agastya International Foundation believes that complete learning is a combined form of shiksha (education), sanskar (values) and sansar (world). It focuses on transforming the critical and much neglected area of primary and secondary education of the rura..

Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam for 'Chenchu' tribals

Chenchu tribals of Andhra Pradesh, who were deprived of basic facilities such as education, health, etc have now become self-reliant through the dedicated efforts of Sewa Bharati’s Bhakta Kannappa Gurukulam...

Vandemataram Foundation, in the field of girls' higher education

Focusing on government schools in backward areas, Vandemataram Foundation works with twin principles of extending academic and emotional support to children, especially girls and strengthening the infrastructural facilities in schools...

Sandipani Awasam, liberating childhood from clutches of labour

A lot many children in India need to be escaped from the clutches of child labour. Seva Bharathi, Palamoor initiated the efforts in this direction by establishing Sandipani Awasam in the year 2002 for such poor, deserving children...

'Annapoornamma' discovering 'their talent

Annapoornamma vidyarthi vasathi gruham in Andhra Pradesh is engaged in capturing the talent of children who are hit by social, economical and family problems so as to make them the responsible citizens of tomorrow...

Prabodhini Gurukul, a blend of Vedic and modern education

Prabodhini Gurukul has been established with a vision to develop human resources with profound knowledge and ability to apply techniques derived from ancient Indian wisdom to address challenges faced by nation in the field of health, education and employm..

Seva Bharathi’s Madhava Awasam restores childhood

Children who should run for catching butterflies in the garden are running from pillar to post in order to earn bread for their families. Seva Bharathi’s Madhava Awasam is the honest attempt to restore their childhood...

DRI’s novel experiments in education

Realizing the limitation of current education system that makes students capable of making money through mechanical methods of teaching, Deendayal Research Institute has carried out some successful experiments so as to impart values and self relience alon..

Ekal Vidyalaya: A single-teacher school for tribal belt

Ekal Vidyalayas are engaged in the noble work of educating the tribal masses that were cut off from the mainstream of development. These schools, running without any government grant, have granted the educational shelter to a large section of society that..

'Nanhi Duniya' : A novel education at Chitrakoot

Family, school and society are three essential centres of education. But unfortunately, neither any link exists between them nor could any proper system of education be evolved in last five decades of Independence. Deendayal Research Institute has evolved..

Little stars put up a scintillating show : Sewa bharati

Ten schools with special children participated in the event — Asha Nilaya (Udupi), St. Agnes, Seva Bharathi, Catherine Lobo School for Blind (Bejai), Christa Raj Navachethana Special School, Spandana Special School for Mentally Retarded (Udupi), Manasa Re..

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