SHG women in Tamil Nadu execute a noble idea

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 05 Feb 2013 18:03:16

$img_titleIt has always been a difficult task to organize women of the society but the Self Help Group (SHG) scheme initiated by Seva Bharati, Tamil Nadu, in Kanyakumari district has made this possible.

In a remote Vanvasi village called Kodithuraimalai, SHG women resolved to execute a noble idea. After every weekly meeting all the members gathered to work in the farm of one of the members of the SHG without any payment. The member offered them lunch and evening tea. The next week the same activity would be carried out in the farm of another member. This rotation of work is carried out in the farms of all the members in a regular turn. The resultant yield of self-reliance is promising both materialistically and socially.

Alcoholism is a menace in our society and it is very difficult to do away with it. The SHG women achieved remarkable victories in this field too. In a village called Thenkarai a liquor shop was situated near the only pathway leading to the village. The villagers took up the matter with the authorities concerned, several times directly and through various associations, but the shop was not shifted from the place. The SHG women of that village informed about the difficulties caused by the liquor shop to Seva Bharati activists. The women were advised to present the matter before the District Collector under the SHG banner.  The gravity of the problem expressed by the SHG women was appreciated by the District Collector who ordered to shift the government-owned liquor shop to another place. And it is no more an arduous task for women to approach the bureaucratic systems, to derive the needed results in order to eradicate social evils afflicting the society.

Maruthancode village

The village called Maruthancode witnessed a unique revolution. The SHG women forced closure of one production unit of spurious liquor under the banner of Ayurvedic medicines established in their locality by some anti-social elements. The unit was producing large quantities of intoxicating drink called Arishtam, which was sold at a cheaper price. The drink worked as a slow poison for the persons who consumed it resulting in their incapacitation. Some persons even died of various unknown ailments caused by it. Since the unit was situated near a temple and a bus stop, it was creating a problem to the women going to the temple and waiting for a bus.

Seva Bharati SHGs for women in the village decided in one of their weekly meetings to root out the menace of the spurious liquor-producing unit. All the members gathered at the unit and staged a demonstration. The owner of the unit locked the building and ran away. The crowd was persuaded by Seva Bharati organizers to disperse and a complaint was lodged in the Police Station concerned. The police were initially reluctant to take any action on the ground that the owner possessed a license for the unit. The SHG women with much perseverance and belligerence knocked the doors of local court and filed a law suit, to unravel the mysteries and mischief in issuing such licenses, and proved the violations of the terms of the license by all such license holders in black and white and managed to get a decree in their favor.

This judgment proved to be a yardstick for the entire State of Tamil Nadu. During the entire process the goons hired by the owners of the unit threatened the women but they could not be cowed down. Now the village is free from the menace of the spurious liquor, thanks to the efforts of the SHGs and Seva Bharati. The women are up in arms to fight the social evils. The owners of such units presented the details of this case and a paper regarding the menace of Arishtam before the Madras High Court where the criminal petitions were filed against the District authorities to get a judgment banning the production and sale of Arishtam throughout the entire Kanyakumari district.

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