Seva Vidya Mandir, Dakshinpuri, Delhi

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 26 Feb 2013 17:29:32

Grooming students for better future

Sewa Vidya Mandir Dakshinpuri, DelhiDakshinpuri is a colony near Ambedkar Nagar in New Delhi that was set up by the government some three decades ago by way of rehabilitation of some of the slum-dwellers of the nearby areas. No sooner than the colony was set up Seva Bharti opened its centre here with an objective to provide better education and vocational guidance to the people settled here. With the dedicated and toiling efforts of senior activists including the late Vaidya, Rajeshwar Sehgal, Lasminarayan Kaushik, R G Nayak, Bishandas Chawla, Fakirchand Khanna, Khajan Singh Sharma and pandit Vishwamitra the Seva Bharti centre soon started bearing fruits of success.

‘Seva Vidya Mandir’ was established to impart quality and value education to the children of the colony. The beginning was marked with the opening of a play school and primary school. Soon after, a typing institute was set up to provide vocational guidance to the deserving candidates. Since the establishment of the school, so far over 2000 children have passed out. Presently 240 students are enrolled at the school. Seva Bharti Dakshin Vibhag chief Chunnilal Madan said that the growing strength of the students forced them to run the school in two shifts.

Besides the secular education, the students are imparted value education also. Anshu Bala, a teacher in this school says, “Value education is imparted to the students. They learn to respect and revere the elders in the family and the society. Wherever they go they are easily identified by their behavior.”

Lovely Gupta from Madangiri, whose son Vansh studies here, said, “Right from the day one my son joined this school, he touched in reverence the feet of every elderly person at home. Such kind of value education cannot be received at any private or government school”.

One of the senior citizens from Dwarkapuri block, whose two grand-daughters are studying at this school affirmed, “As the girls study here they imbibed the habit of washing their hands before taking any meals or breakfast. There is hardly any need to tell them to do so”.

Hamida, who stays near the school said, “My grandson used to study here. Now my three granddaughters are studying in this school. All of them know the ‘Gayatri Mantra’. Right from my childhood I have lived in the midst of Hindus. If my grand children intend to have higher education they will never study at Jamia Milia University”.

Phoolwati, who works at the centre, goes home everyday only for the night sleep. Rest of the time she spends at the school here. However, she is not tired and says “I have been working here since last 25 years. For me, this centre has been my extended self. I pray to the God to keep me healthy so that I can serve the centre. It has been my wish that when I leave this mortal world, I pray to the God to lift me from this very centre here!”

Deepika studied here and now pursuing here BA degree at a college. She offers to teach the children at the Seva Bharti School here. She recalls “I am teaching here since last three years. I am so happy that I don’t like to teach anywhere else. Even if I were to get a government job I would never leave this school”.

Pratibha, who teaches in the second shift, echoes the similar sentiment when she said “As we teach here we are held in a high esteem by the society and we also have a feeling that we are doing something good for the society”.

Saroj Bansal looks after the sewing centre. At present six girls are undergoing training here and 15 others are pursuing a diploma course in nursing. Seva Bharti Dakshin Vibhag Joint Secretary Jaydutt Sharma said, “Seva Bharti has purchased the land and set up this centre. The multi-faceted activities of the centre are conducted in the building constructed here. At present 26 teachers are rendering their services here”.

Seva Bharti Delhi Prant Joint Secretary Khajan Singh Sharma said that the aim of the school and other activities was to groom the students with a commitment to the society and the country while we prepare them for the better future.

Seva Vidya Mandir
D-79, Dakshinpuri,
NEW DELHI – 11 00 62
Telephone- 011-29053944