Sewa Bharati moulds Pushpa’s life for better

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 21 Dec 2012 15:42:46

$img_titleJiyalal, a resident of Amravati Colony in Ranchi district is a small vendor. He sales sarees and earns livelihood for his family. He somehow nurtures his family in absence of good income. Pushpa his daughter was interested in studies. She was a brilliant student in her school but for the want of money she had to give up further education.
During the same time Sewa Bharati started its Sanskar and Swavlamban Center in Amravati Colony. Pushpa was in search of job and she joined this center to acquaint herself with the art of sewing and embroidery. But her urge for education was noticed by the Center in-charge Shobha Devi, who came to know that Pushpa had to leave school due to financial hardship.
Pushpa learned the art of sewing and embroidery within six month’s time. She now could make readymade clothes like salwar-kamiz, frock, etc. This gave her the much needed job. It was here Shobha Devi talked to her and insisted that she should resume her studies. She advised Pushpa that she can utilize her spare time for learning. So, 14-year-old Pushpa sought admission in class III and resumed her studies.
Says Pushpa: “I had almost left my studies. Nobody told me that I could study while I earned monsy for my family.”
Pushpa in this story is just an example. There are hundreds of thousand such children who want to study but could not for the want of money or other resources and devote their time, energy etc. in earning for their families. They go to such a length that it becomes almost difficult for them to come back. Sewa Bharati’s Sanskar and Swavlamban Kendras provide proper guidance in their pursuit of job and education both.

(Source: Sewa Surabhi, Aug-Sept. 2012)