Gurukul helps Varun complete IIT education

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 21 Dec 2012 15:39:12

Varun is a son of a carpenter. He passed the 10th Board examination and secured 7th place in order of merit in the state. He wanted to study in IIT but was well aware of the financial hardships his family was facing. He was unable to find a way out. At this point of time two persons from Bhagalpur Gurukul Shiksha Sansthan visited his father and said to him: “we are impressed by Varun’s success at the board examination. Sansthan would provide him free education”. This inspiring story in Varun’sown words:-
“I see my father working hard day and night. He wants that our academic career should be without any difficulty. He is a carpenter and works very hard still we manage to pull on somehow. But he always granted priority for out studies and encourage us for the same.
“I passed the 10th Board examination by securing 7th position in the state merit list. All in the family were happy but at the same time worried over the possible expenses for my higher studies. However, my father used to encourage me to continue my studies.
“I wanted to be an engineer but worried because of our economic condition. But one day the solution came to our house. Two persons of Bhagalpur Gurukul Shiksha Sansthan came to our house and said to my father that Sansthan was impressed by the results and performance of Varun in the Board examination and plans to bear the expenses for his higher studies. This was the turning point in my life. I have not gone so far from my home and my father was could not even imagine to send me away from home but those Gurukul people satisfied my father by providing all assurances and explanations to his queries. Satisfied, my father finally gave me permission to go and study in Gurukul.
“I got good friends at the Sansthan. We do not discriminate amongst us and therefore there is no inferiority complex amongst us. We study in a very conducive atmosphere of study and my success at IIT is the net result of this atmosphere. Now I am thinking of appearing for UPSC”.

(Source: Sewa Surbhi, Aug-Sept 2012)