Basic policies of Service Activities

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 12 Oct 2012 18:17:16

$img_titleBy H V Seshadri
There are certain peculiarities of service activities started by the swayamsevaks of RSS. Not a single project is dependent on government’s assistance and blessings. Each project is run on the aid and blessings from the society. This is because the Sangh workers have earned the full confidence of the society by their financial and moral honesty. IN addition to this, due to their pure and impartial behavior and nature, people cutting across the political or linguistic or any other lines are always ready to help and cooperate with them in their service activities. Normally, the projects which depend on the government assistance experience the loss of their urge to serve. This does not happen with the Sangh-supported service projects. The fundamental thinking in the developing this very concept of sewa by the RSS activists has formed the base of these peculiarities. All the activists are fired with the zeal to serve imbibing the spirit of compassion from ‘service to man is service to god’ concept. The Sangh has added the most important social dimension to these service activities.

The RSS is of the view that the need for these service activities was felt due to unorganized state of our society. For many centuries our society was subjected to social evils like untouchability, caste differences, conflicts between various groups, and absence of national awakening which fractured the very edifice of strength of nation and social harmony on which our nation was built. All those educational, social, economic and political systems which held the society together making it self-reliant and self-confident were destroyed by the foreign, anti-national and anti-social forces. The conversions to Islam and Christianity have threatened our national integration not in the past, but continued to do so in the recent times. The threat has assumed serious portents with the alliance of vested political interests with these elements and forces leading to many internal problems. Therefore, for the RSS the real objective of these service activities is to arrest this total national degeneration by removing all such things which caused this downward trend. How much capacity is generated through these projects is the mercury test of these projects to gauge their success or failure.

Against this background we expect some basic policies to be followed. Priority should be accorded to projects in slums and among the rural poor where there is an express need for such a service project. Secondly, in such projects not only those who need to be served be involved but members of the entire society should be involved. This is the only way to create awareness for social transformation. Hence ‘one for all and integration of all’ should be the guiding principle for such projects. This feeling, when deeply nurtured, can alone bring about the desired transformation in the society. In short, as the patient fights with his soul power with the internal weakness and outer viruses, so as our society would be able to fight with all social perversions on the basis of our internal strength ushering in an era of social health and lasting strength.

(Courtesy: Sewa Saritancha Amritkumbh)