Platform Gyan Mandir school, Nagpur

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 01 Oct 2012 16:00:39

$img_titleVishwa Hindu Jankalyan Parishad's ‘Platform Gyan Mandir’ has transformed the lives of the children who had lost the joy of childhood and were begging on the platforms to earn their bread and butter. The 'train of their life' was running parallel to every train that was arriving on the platform. One day, they got the proper platform. Platform Gyan Mandir is the name of the school where the Railway Police have enrolled these children.
This residential school is located at Nagpur near Geetanjali Cinema Hall. Now these children stay here, play and learn. Values are also inculcated among them besides studies. The school grooms their lives by showing them the path of good conduct. Railway Police and Vishwa Hindu Jankalyan Parishad have rescued them from entering into the world of crime by roaming around the railway station.
$img_titleRavindra Singhal was Railway Police Superintendant at Nagpur. He saw some children begging at the railway platform and was disheartened to see their plight. Some of these children were even less than three years of age while some were about six to seven. He decided to pull these children out from such dirty environment and give them a new life by starting a residential school for them. He sought the consent of Nagpur Mayor Archana Dehankar. Dehankar, while approving the project, provided a corporation building for the school and, thus the foundation of the school was laid with the active co-operation of Vishwa Hindu Jankalyan Parishad.
The story of Wasim and Ajay, studying here is the evidence of the hardships faced by these students. Wasim narrated, “At the tender age itself, my father forced me to lift the load of life. One day I made a mistake and he beat me ruthlessly. The signs are still visible on my body.”
After that incident, Wasim fled the house and reached Nagpur railway station. He started begging there. He said, “One day, Railway Police enrolled me in this school. Today I am leading a life filled with self-respect. I want to become an engineer.” Wasim burst into tears while recalling his childhood.
$img_titleAjay has also the same story. His father forced him to work on the farm day and night. He had to lift the sacks filled with food grains. He was not given food until the entire work was finished. Ultimately, he fled the house and came to Nagpur. Railway police enrolled him at the Platform School. The bitter experiences of his childhood still reflect in his talks. He says,” This school which has imparted me a life filled with self-respect is dearer to me than the father who made me work like animals by merely providing meals twice a day.”
Co-ordinator of the school Shrikant Aglave says,” This is not only the school but also a nest for these children. When these children came, their habits of speaking, eating and living were different. Here, values were taught to them. Now they wake up at 5 am. Do Pranayam and Yogic exercises. Many of these children even don’t know to which caste or religion they belong to but all of them live together in harmony.”
Aglawe appealed to people to join this noble task. “Here, you can come and teach these children. You can provide clothes, sweaters, toys or other educational material to them. You can celebrate your birthday or festival with these children. If nothing of this is possible, at least you can spend some moments with them and add a little joy to their life,” he says. 

Platform Gyan Mandir School
Lal School, near Haj House
Hotel Paul Palace, Central Avenue,
(Maharashtra, India)
Co-ordinator: Shrikant Aglawe
Vishwa Hindu Jankalyan Parishad
Mobile no: 09422111428
E-mail: [email protected]

How to reach
By Air: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Air Port at Nagpur is well connected by major air routes in India.
By Rail: Centrally located Nagpur is major railway station and connected by major rail way trains.
By Road: State transport and privates buses are available from all major cities of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh.

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