Divya Prem Seva Mission healing lepers wounds

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Source: Seva-English      Date: 01 Oct 2012 15:37:56

$img_titleIt is a matter of grave concern that even in this 21st century there are many misconceptions in the society about leprosy patients. There is a feeling of hatred in the society for these people. Even, their children are not ready to keep such parents at home and don’t feel shy to throw them out of the house. These patients can be seen begging on roads. Thousands of such patients daily come to Hardwar. In India it is believed that if you die on the bank of river Ganga, all your sins get washed away and ‘mukti’ is attained. With this hope, these people wait for death on the bank of Ganges.
Around 1986, Ashish Gautam, a former pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), who visited Hardwar for a holy dip, saw thousands of lepers on the streets of Hardwar. Their plight dejected him. He decided to dedicate his whole life for these people.
Divya Prem Seva Mission has opened new doors of self-dependency for these patients. This mission is working since last 14 years for the treatment and welfare of leprosy patients.
There are many wounds on the body of a leprosy patient and proper dressing is very necessary. Since these patients can't nurse their terrible wounds for themselves, they have no other way but to bear the excruciating pain. Even the doctors are not ready to visit them. These patients also didn’t get medicines from the government hospitals.
So, first of all, Ashish Gautamji made the arrangement of bandage and started visiting the slums for dressing the wounds of these leprosy patients. He also started giving them medicines. Because of this noble work, people slowly started associating with him. Some doctors also joined him. Some patients took training regarding primary treatment. Thus, the foundation of Divya Prem Seva Mission was laid.
The mission’s work gathered speed soon and Ashishji had to open a dispensary. This dispensary with the active co-operation of people grew into a small hospital. The hospital also has the facility to send a serious leprosy patient to any big hospital. Because of regular treatment, the patients visiting the hospital started increasing.
The condition of lady patients was even worst. No one accompanied them. Even husband used to leave them. There was an express need to do something for them. Not only the treatment, but also to make them self-reliant.  The mission accepted this challenge. It had started self-help groups for such women and also opened schools for their kids. The mission’s work is growing daily by leaps and bounds.
Ashish Gautamji says,” Bringing out social change is not the responsibility of government alone. We are also a part of the society. We must come forward for this change. We started an attempt and the efforts are yielding fruits from last 14 years. The mission doesn’t get a bit from the government, but runs totally on the basis of hard work of the karyakartas and money donated by the common man. Leprosy is not a contagious disease. It is totally curable. Though it said that hate disease, not the patient, it is not observed in the conduct. If the society changes its attitude towards these patients and gives them a helping hand, this problem can definitely be resolved. This is the goal of my life and the mission will go on till this goal is achieved.”


Divya Prem Seva Mission
Seva Kunj, Chhandi Ghat
Hardwar 24 94 08
(Uttarakhand, India)
Phone number-01334-222211
E-mail: [email protected]

How to reach
By air:
Nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Dehradun. However it will be convenient to reach Delhi by rail and road and then go for a flight for Hardwar.
By rail: Hardwar is connected with all major Indian cities by railways.
By road: National Highway 45 joins Hardwar and Delhi.

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