Keshav Srushti, a hub of social service activities

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Source: News Bharati      Date: 12 Sep 2011 15:05:38

Gaushala at Keshav Srushti

To fulfill the vision of a self reliant, proud and strong Bharat, Keshav Srishti, Uttan has been developed as a hub of social service projects covering diverse aspects of integrated development. Keshav Srushti is situated in the lap of Mother Nature at a distance of about 35 km from Mumbai airport. The campus, spread over 200 acres of lush green valley with agricultural land, fruit bearing trees, herbal plants and forest wealth, carries an unimaginable aura of peace. The gaushala and old age home run by the Charitable Trust mainly work under the guidance of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.
Keshav Srushti Gaushala: At present, the gaushala has around 4 acres of land, which is well developed and fenced. There are various cow shelters, fodder and dry grass godowns, an office building, a manufacturing unit to make products based on cow dung and cow urine (gomutra), a small R&D centre and a gobar gas plant along with arrangements to make vermin compost. Presently, the gaushala has around around 200 cows. All of them are of India breed. On an average, 42-45 cows are in lactation throughout the year, yielding around 200-220 litres of milk each day. The gaushala’s mission is to protect and save the govansha of Bharatiya origin form the butcher’s knife and make the same economically viable by making use of cow dung and urine.
The primary areas of working are gaushala, veterinary, ayurveda, cosmetology, science of nutrition, agriculture based on organic manure, power based on gobar gas and bullock energy. The most important function is to promote govansha which is the fulcrum to keep a positive ecological balance. Presently, the gaushala manufactures various products based on cow dung and urine. The products manufactured are certain ayurvedic products, general products like dhoop sticks and most important product like vermin compost and pest repellants from cow urine. Keshav Srushti Gaushala is achieving new milestones every year and it shall soon become the county’s first financially self-sufficient gaushala.
Kisangopal Rajpuria Vanaprasthashram (old age home): Our ancient culture recommends that we retire after completing domestic responsibilities and should stay in the company of nature: Vanaprasthashram. Because of the growing trend of a nuclear family and small houses in metros, senior citizens live in a deprived condition after retirement. Understanding the growing threat to the social security of the senior citizens, Keshav Srushti has arranged a place of peace for them where special facilities can be provided to senior citizens to lead a quality and respectable life. All senior citizens live happily in each other’s company sharing their emotions and don’t feel lonely even if they are away from their homes.
The ashram has a tie up with Bhakti Vedant hospital for emergency cases as well as general OPD. All the festivals are celebrated with religious fervor with active participation of the residents.
Keshav Srushti
Uttan, Bhayandar (W)
District Thane - 401106
Mumbai, India
Tel: +91 22 28450247 / 28450862
E-mail: [email protected]
How to reach:
Uttan village is situated at a distance of 7 km from Bhayandar.
By air: The nearest airport is the Mumbai Airport situated at a distance of 27 km from Bhayandar. Taxi service is available at the airport.
By train: Mira-Bhayander is a suburb of Mumbai city, located to the north of Mumbai administered by Mira-Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC). Local train service is available.
By bus: State Transport buses connect Bhayandar with all the other cities in Thane district as well as Maharashtra.
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