Stitching centre at Kabir Nagar (Delhi)

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Source: Manual      Date: 5/19/2011 6:19:59 AM

Sewing class

Kabir Nagar locality situated in Yamuna Vihar sector has a special importance. In 1984, pot makers near New Shahadara migrated here. At that time, Jyoti Nagar (West) had become a higher middle class colony. Muslim locality situated towards the west of Jyoti Nagar near Babarpur canal was called Gadhapuri. Slowly, Hindu locality grew along the main road and at the back side, Muslim population started growing. This Hindu colony came to be known as Kabir Nagar.


In 1984, BJP MLA Naresh Gaur from Babarpur Assembly brought a drastic change in the locality. New roads were constructed, old roads were repaired and gutter lines were laid. There was also a large scale development around the mosque. In 1988, he was re-elected and catalysed the development of the locality.


Seva Bharati started a stitching centre at Jyoti Public School with the co-operation of Ashok Sharma. Rekha Sharma from Babarpur was appointed teacher at the school along with Sapna Sharma and Kusum. Due to the space crunch, with the co-operation of Naresh Gaur, the centre was transferred to Kanwar Sen Gupta’s Babarpur Model School. Due to some special reasons, Rekhaji quit but Lalita and Sapna continued to work. After marriage, Sapna went out of Delhi and the teaching responsibility fell on the shoulders of Savita Sharma. There was a constant decline in the number of students after Rekhaji quit and Babarpur school authorities constantly stressed upon the closure of the centre. Due to this, Savita started running the centre at her house. Older students did not come as it was far away from their house but Savita continued to run the centre by recruiting new students.


After that, the centre was shifted to Sunrise Public School and from last four years, the centre is running there in full swing. Swati Garg also teaches along with Savita Sharma. About 70 students are receiving training at this centre. There is also a provision for diploma of National Open School along with household learning. The students studying at this centre are also associated with and play an active role in the other development works of Seva Bharati.




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